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Agency Information







In the Field -- A Community Focus


Downloadable Forms for Students and Field Instructors

1. Forms For MSW Students

a) Field Manual b) Student Handbook

2. Concentration Year Field Forms

Concentration Learning Contract     SCH     CHUD        MH    CHF   
Early Assessment Tool     SCH     CHUD       MH    CHF    
Calendar 2007-2008
SocW572, Field Instruction I
Student Self Assessment Form
SocW573, Field Instruction II
Field Instructor's Evaluation of Field Liaison Services
Student's Evaluation of Field Liaison Services
Student Evaluation Of Field Placement
Evaluation of Practice Assignment

3. Foundation Field Forms

Foundation Learning Contract
Early Assessment Tool
Calendar 2007-2008
SocW570, Field Instruction I
Student Self Assessment Form
SocW571, Field Instruction II
Field Instructor's Evaluation of Field Liaison Services
Student's Evaluation of Field Liaison Services
Student Evaluation Of Field Placement
Evaluation of Practice Assignment

4. Guidelines & Educational Agreement for Place of Employment Form .

5.    Overview of Concentration Selection 2007-2008 

Planning Your MSW Concentration
CHF Agencies
CHUD Field Agencies
MH Field Agencies
School Concentration Placements cover  
Listing of schools in Suburban Cook County
SCH Field Agencies

   6. Information Packet for Prospective Field Placement Agencies
Information Packet for Prospective Field Placement Agencies
Agency Application Form
Agency Data Form
Field Instructor Application Form

To download the manuals in PDF format, please be sure that you have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you need to download the Reader program, click the Reader icon.

go to MSW & Pos-MSW field manual     icon of Adobe Acrobat Reader

Field Instruction Manuals and all Field forms are also available from the JACSW Office of Field Instruction, fourth floor, ECSW, Jane Addams College of Social Work, Office of Field Instruction, 1040 W. Harrison Street, Chicago, IL 60607.

Contact :
Cheryl Jenkins,
Field Division Administrator,

(312) 996-0037 or email chjenkins@uic.edu


Director of Field Instruction Preface

Field instruction is a dynamic process in the birth and development of new social workers. This process links students with Jane Addams faculty and social service agencies. During this process, students will work with field faculty members and field instructors to develop learning goals and objectives. The educational process will integrate knowledge from classroom content, social work practice and research. The process is intended to provide the most educationally sound learning experience for each and every student. 

Through the field instruction process, students develop their professional identification with social work, and begin their journey toward becoming a social work practitioner. Our mission is to produce competent social work practitioners, dedicated to serving at risk individuals, groups, families and communities. 

This manual provides the blueprint toward that goal. It includes details of the structure of the Jane Addams Field Instruction Division, describes the operation of the field division program, provides copies of the forms used to monitor learning goals and objectives, and outlines the activities required to evaluate student progress. The Field Instruction Division welcomes you, both students and field instructors, on this journey with the faculty of the Jane Addams College of Social Work towards developing the professional knowledge base of those entering the social service community, and in our effort to empower the lives of the individuals, families and communities we all serve. 

Barbara.C.Coats, A.M, L.C.S.W 
Interim Director of Field Instruction 


Field Instruction in the MSW Programs 

Jane Addams College of Social Work  MSW students are placed in more than 400 social service agencies in the Chicago metropolitan area. MSW students are placed in two agencies-one in each academic year.  First year MSW students spend 15 hours a week for 30 weeks for a total of 450 hours in their placement. Second year MSW students spend 24 hours a week in the field for a total of 720 hours. 


Goals of Field Instruction

The goals of JACSW field instruction, in general, are: 

  1. To educate professional personnel to provide social services in urban areas.
  2. Provision of knowledge and skills for intervention with individuals, groups, families, communities and other systems in the restoration, maintenance and enhancement of social functioning.
  3. Development of a professional identity consistent with social work values.
  4. Development of skills in the evaluation of one's own social work practice and the practice of others.
  5. Experience with various clienteles including diverse racial and ethnic groups and those populations at-risk or economically deprived.
MSW students are prepared to enter practice with advanced knowledge, values, and skills in one of six area concentrations. MSW education is composed of two major parts: foundation education for practice (the first year of the MSW program for full-time students) and education for advanced practice in a concentration (the second year of the MSW program for full-time students). 


Importance of Field Instruction

Field instructors are essential to the achievement of the purposes and objectives of MSW field instruction. The field instructor must be able to make an educational assessment of the student including identification of the student's learning pattern and learning pace. A teaching plan is developed which individualizes the tutorial relationship, teaching method, and pacing of content and performance demands. Individualization must come within the standard of minimum performance competence and professional integration to be met by all students. Field instruction provides the integration of the educational experience directed toward competence. The successful accomplishment of this integration is achieved through clear procedures in the selection of field agencies, selection of field instructors, and the evaluation of student learning. A successful program of field instruction requires specialized training for field instructors as well as regular exchanges between the College, the field agencies, and the individual field instructors. Participation of field instructors in curriculum development is essential. 

JACSW provides the following for its field instructors: 

  1. Workshops are available for all new field instructors to assist them in defining and carrying out their role.
  2. Authorization to use the University library facilities.
  3. Meetings to discuss curriculum development including requirements of the Curriculum Policy Statement of Council on Social Work Education.
  4. Colloquiums with nationally-recognized experts to consider issues central to field instruction.