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Joint Degree Requirements

All joint degree students must consult with the joint degree coordinator/advisor in both programs to select courses prior to registration each semester.

Recognizing the need for professionals trained in both social work and public health, the Jane Addams College of Social Work and the School of Public Health now offer a joint Master of Social Work/ Master of Public Health (MSW/MPH) program that provides students with concurrent formal study toward the two degrees.

The coursework for the joint degree includes 1) core courses in Social Work, 2) core courses in Public Health, 3) divisional core courses in either Community Health Sciences, Epidemiology, Environmental and Occupational Health, or Health Policy and Administration; 4) concentration courses in Social Work, 5) shared electives; 6) field work, optimally at a site which allows the student to integrate his or her training in social work and public health, and 7) a capstone project reflecting the integration of the student's public health and social work training. The number of credit hours required for the joint degree program will depend upon the student's MPH concentration. Students in the joint degree program will work closely with the Joint Degree Coordinator in both programs to ensure proper selection and sequencing of coursework.

Required coursework for the MSW includes: SocW430, Practice I: Generalist Practice with Individuals & Organizations; SocW410, Human Behavior and the Social Environment; SocW460, Research I: Social Work Research; SocW570, Field Instruction I; SocW431, Practice II: Generalist Practice with Families, Groups, & Communities; SocW411, Critical Social Work in a Multicultural Society; SocW420, Policy I: Social Welfare Policy & Services; SocW571, Field Instruction II; and six semester hours of electives which may be satisfied by counting public health coursework. In addition, 34 credits of advanced coursework in one of three areas of concentration: Community Health and Urban Development (CHUD), Child and Family, or Mental Health.

•  Community Health and Urban Development (CHUD) Concentration Requirements:

SocW 519, 531, 572, 520, [563, 565 or 567],573;

•  Child and Family Concentration Requirements:

SocW 582, 552, 572, 583, [563, 565 or 567], 573;

•  Mental Health Concentration Requirements:

SocW 586, 554, 572, 587, [563, 565 or 567], 573;

Required coursework for all MPH students includes: CHSC 400, BSTT 400, HPA 400, EPID 403 or EPID 400 depending on the student's division, EOHS 400, IPHS 698, IPHS 650. Remaining courses and their distribution depend on the specific area within the Master of Public Health chosen. The School of Public Health offers five areas in which students can earn MPHs within their four divisions (Community Health Sciences, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, and Health Policy and Administration). The further required courses for these degrees are:

•  Community Health Sciences Core Requirements : MPH

Students in Community Health Sciences must complete CHSC 431, CHSC 433, CHSC 446 and CHSC 480. In addition, students must select one of the following: CHSC 430, CHSC 527, CHSC 543 or HPA 430.

•  Environmental and Occupational Health Core Requirements: MPH

Students in EOHS must complete: Select one of the following Exposure Assessment courses : EOHS 411, Water Quality Management; EOHS 421, Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene; or EOHS 432, Air Quality Management. Select one of the following Health Assessment Courses: EOHS 455, Toxicology or EOHS 551, Occupational Diseases. Along with these divisional requirements, students in the joint MSW/MPH program would also be required to complete EOHS 480, Environmental and Occupational Health Policy. In addition, students must complete up to 9 semester hours of electives in consultation with their advisor.

•  Epidemiology Core Requirements: MPH

Students in Epidemiology must complete EPID 404, EPID 406 , EPID 410, EPID 411, EPID 591 and BSTT 401.

•  Health Policy and Administration Core Requirements: MPH

All students must complete a minimum of 19 semester hours of electives, at least half of which must be HPA courses.