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Joint Degree Shared Semester Hours

Shared Elective Hours

All students may reduce the number of credit hours by six, counting six semester hours of public health coursework toward the MSW course electives. Depending on the student's MPH concentration, the joint program may be reduced by an additional 1 to 9 semester hours by counting advisor-approved social work courses toward MPH elective hours. Available elective hours by MPH concentration: 2 credits CHS; 1 credit Epidemiology; up to 3 credits (one pre-approved SocW course) EOHS; 9 credits HPA.

Shared Field Work/ Field Instruction Hours

With proper planning and approval of the MPH advisor, the joint program may be reduced by an additional three to five semester hours by incorporating a significant public health experience into the Social Work Field Instruction (SocW 570-573).

Shared Didactic Course Hours

Students in the Community Health Sciences Division may count the following required Social Work courses as satisfying CHS divisional requirements, further reducing their program of study by up to six semester hours: SocW 460, Research I: Social Work Research and a SocW Research II course (SocW 563, 565, or 567) may substitute for CHSC 446 Research Methods in Community Health; and SocW 420, Policy I: Social Welfare Policy and Services may substitute for the CHSC policy/advocacy selective (CHSC 430, CHSC 527, CHSC 543 or HPA 430). Similarly, MSW students have the option of taking CHSC 446 in lieu of SocW 460.

Maximum Permissible Shared Hours

The maximum allowable number of shared credit hours is 20 semester hours. The actual number of shared credit hours that will be permitted is dependent upon the student's division and advisor approval.