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Criminal Justice

Title: Police Officer Response to Emotionally Disturbed Person Calls
Investigator: Amy Watson
Funding Sources: Center for Behavioral Health Services and Criminal Justice Research, Rutgers University Institute for Health & Health Care Policy (NIMH 1P30MH079920)
Description: The specific aims of this project are to identify schema that police officers apply to "emotionally disturbed persons" (EDP) calls while on duty; develop a "Needs on the Street Interview" (NOSI) of police officers to assess police officer confidence and thinking in responding to different aspects of EDP calls; examine the influence of expertise, confidence in mental health system, and police department on the nature of officers schema of EDP calls; and apply the findings to inform law enforcement practice in terms of the police role as a gatekeeper to mental services and mental health system practice in terms agencies' response to law enforcement.
Title: A Strategy for Promoting the Mental Health of and Decreasing the Negative Trajectories for Juvenile Offenders
Investigator: Henrika McCoy
Funding Sources: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Description: This study seeks to address the question: " What strategies or approaches hold promise for changing the disproportionate and challenging health and social outcomes for African American and Latino adolescents?" It creates a multi-faceted approach for decreasing the negative trajectory for and promoting the mental health of juvenile offenders. The project has two aims, first, to identify the prevalent criminal offenses and mental health disorders that must be targeted, and, to identify typologies of communities, that when targeted via prevention and intervention strategies will have maximum effectiveness in meeting juvenile offender needs and can be generalized to other communities.